Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 235, 236, 237

Beware: a ton of Liam images to follow. We have been spending an inordinate amount of time together lately as the summer travels have ceased, summer camp at his school is closed, and we are phasing out the nap. On one hand, it's lovely, on the other, it basically means I have time for almost nothing else. Liam has never really been one to entertain himself for long periods of time . . . or without giving me a guilt trip first. Somewhat of a drag considering I have a TON of other things to do. But for the remainder of this week and up until next Wednesday we shall continue to smittenly scoff at responsibility, commitment, and my dirty kitchen and enjoy what's left of this classically fantastic summer. We have spent lazy days at the lake, hiked the trails, caught minnows, eaten grilled hot dogs, spent countless hours on the swings, and hung with our best local buds, the twins, at least twice a week (their mommy is as excited about school starting as I!!) All ingredients for what summer really should taste like. He makes me feel like a kid again. What a gift.
Mini Swedish Viking blazing the trails:
I don't know where this fall color came from, but it was fantastic.

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