Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 363

When we returned from New York, Liam had just a few more days left with me before starting back at school. We made good use of the time by breaking in all his new toys from "Santa." He has a new found love and skill for the big boy legos. They present somewhat of a storage and organization conflict for me, but such a wonderful toy like no other really. He is really starting to get the hang of looking at the directions and figuring out what goes where. And so it begins...

Day 362


Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 361

Day 10 in NY: Hey...there's only so much you can do when stuck inside an airport all day.... It was a long trip and time to head on home. Keegan was just beside himself to be able to spend Christmas at his home for the first time in about 14 years I think they calculated and it was very special for all of us. Keegan's parents were gracious hosts and gave all of us a wonderful Christmas to remember. I do find myself suddenly wondering when the time will come for us to hunker on down at our own house for Christmas. Living on the West Coast now for 8 years and counting and both of us having older brothers who had kids first and started hosting Christmas at their own homes, we've been a bit transient. It never seemed to bother me before, but this packing and repacking of gifts sure gets old and I think at some point it will be nice for Liam to remember his own traditions . . . not to mention it's kind of exhausting answering all of these logistical Santa questions about him coming to both houses and full stocking in one house vs. no stocking at the other house, etc. etc. Phew. He's getting too inquisitive for his own good.

Day 360

Day 9 in NY: Keegan's brother and family came to visit for the day. I always love seeing Liam with his cousins. With my brother's 4 and 6 year olds, Liam finds true playmates and with Keegan's brother's 10 and 12 year olds, Liam finds entertaining protectors. Either way, it's really sweet to watch and either way, I basically don't see Liam for the entire time he is with them, which is kind of a nice little break for me of course! If only they lived closer, then I'd really have myself a nice little setup.... This was a super sweet moment when the big boys were reading Liam his bedtime stories. Geesh, I remember these two big boys sitting in MY lap while I read to THEM!!!

Day 359

Day 8 in NY: Merry Christmas!!

Day 358

Day 7 in NY: Twas the night before Christmas. We had a lovely candlelit Christmas Eve at the church where Keegan grew up. Liam sat in Keegan's lap the entire service seemingly mesmerized by the choir, the speakers, the candles, etc. The pastor posed the question, "When does Christmas feel like Christmas to you?!" Ironically, almost at that very moment, with the silence and peace of the church enveloping us, that magical feeling of expectation that barely fades as we grow older, and looking over at my little guy dressed to the nines in his Christmas reds, his innocent face aglow with the candlelight he so tightly yet carefully gripped in his tiny little hand, yes, at that very moment, it felt like Christmas to me.

Day 357

Day 6 in NY: Keegan attacks the bins upon bins of old legos in his childhood basement to rebuild every lego set he ever owned . . . fire station, airport, police station, parking garage, raceway, airplanes, helicopters, boats, etc. etc. etc. Keegan's mom has saved all of these things WITH the instructions over the years. This is how we spent a large majority of the late mornings/early afternoons (Liam has developed an affinity as well so he seemed to really enjoy being down there with us as well) . . . along with a few beers that is.