Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 221

We live about 3 1/2 blocks from the main street of our town. For years, I have crossed the intersection of Central Avenue and San Pablo Avenue and grimaced at the many weird, irrelevant, unsuccessful businesses to move in and then quickly move out of the corner building there. It occurred to me at some point what a freaking fantastically perfect spot it would be for a little microbrewery. We enjoy the California microbreweries immensely and have taken full advantage of living so close to so many of them out here, but definitely our town is missing the kind of hang out vibe that a microbrewery can create. Numerous times I tried to drag Keegan into my vision of opening up a brewery on the corner with his buddies. A pipe dream of course, but a fun one for sure. Alas, my dreams have come true. The brewery, owned of course by someone else (which means we get to enjoy it without the work . . . even better), is slated to open on September 1st. We can WALK there!!! We are waiting with bated breath. In the meantime, a good friend of mine and fellow artist, hooked up a connection for me with the Head Brewmaster and co-owner who is looking for rotating local artists to hang their work in his space. I am up first! There is a huge long wall downstairs with 6 spotlights and I am currently trying to figure out what to hang. We talked about some more pieces upstairs, possibly sport themed for the gameroom nature of the space. I went out this evening up to the High School Football field to try to accomplish just that . . . you know . . . Friday Night Lights kind of thing. At any rate, cheers. Come on over to the East Bay and join me at Elevation 66 Brewing Company next month!!

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