Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 162

This would be my mother's pure genius at work here. The twins' fourth birthday is coming up on Saturday and I have been racking my brain for about a month on what to get them. Recently we were at their house and I was questioning their mom and she said, "Dinosaurs. Anything dinosaurs. And dress-up. They are really into dressing up." Well then, ok. I did a google search for dinosaur costumes. The cutest thing I found were little dinosaur superhero cape type things and they had W and T's name written ALL over them. At $40 a pop though, my good intentions were squelched. We have a joke in my family . . . whenever my mom finds anything in a catalog, desirable and overpriced, she turns to my father and says, "RICK!!! YOU could MAKE that!!" And being the loyal, loving, and handy guy that my father is, to no ones surprise, he usually does. This time I turned the joke back onto my mom. And being the creative and sweetheart that she is, this is what she sent over for me to give to the twins. Liam tried them on along with his best dinosaur roar. The twins are going to FLIP.

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