Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 60

Perhaps the most valuable lesson this little project has taught me is that the photo of the day might be lurking where I least expect it so I damn well better have my camera with me, I damn well better be ready, I damn well better be looking, and I sure as hell better have something for my full time almost 3 year old buddy to do when the opportunity does arise. Such is the case in this gritty parking garage Liam and I parked in to go to the downtown Berkeley library. Liam is sitting behind me while I take this photo, on the filthy concrete, reading library books. No shame.


  1. it makes me think of one of those hard-lined perspectives we used to have to draw in studio, and then use the graphite shavings to get the super black for the floor.

  2. Oh yah! I remember those. They were pretty beautiful. To me, that draped white cloth in the opening in the background really made the shot as well....

  3. yes you are right - i love the contrast between the hard black and the soft white.