Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 91

In 23 years of playing basketball, I've never had an injury. 23 YEARS. And I don't play soft either. My nickname was "Scrappy" there for a while :) Well, it looks like my luck has finally run out. At ortho this morning. The MRI early next week will tell, but the Doctor suspects Meniscus or ACL tear, possibly both. Keegan will tell you that I've spent the better part of the last 2 weeks moping around this house. He would be right. With warm weather and wedding season approaching, potential scheduling of surgery couldn't happen until fall. That means there is a a possibility that I won't be returning to the courts for at least a year. Urgh. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I think I already have . . . literally. It's kind of cool/eerie though, the way bones are held together with these crucial ligaments . . . like a couple of pieces of tape or something . . . duct tape strength, of course.

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