Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 63

Today, when I picked up Liam, it was raining and we had to be out of the house for lunch so I proposed pancakes and bacon. A huge smile lit up his face at the prospect. So we went to this little local cafe that I've always wanted to go to where they serve breakfast all They did NOT disappoint. We ordered a short stack, a side of bacon, and a fruit cup. They were silver dollar pancakes and Liam was getting quite the kick out of being able to fit the entire pancake into his little mouth, even though I asked him not to, of course. I'm pretty sure that snapping pics and giggling right along with him didn't do much to deter the behavior . . . but hey, all in the name of 365 days...! We quickly finished short stack number one and had to order a second stack! I think the waitress thought I was crazy, but hey, when my son is shoving pancakes in his mouth at this rate, what do you expect lady?! Definitely the bright spot on an otherwise grey day!

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